The Best Raw Brownie Recipes

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I'm not sure what it is about brownies but they easily surpass delicious and satisfy any sweet and chocolate cravings. Whilst I love nothing more than a hot, chocolate chip infused, melting brownie made with flour, eggs, sugar etc, I have to admit that they aren't the healthiest option...Refined … [Read more...]

Spring Beauty Trends with Rae Morris Beauty.

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The new year is a great time to Spring clean your beauty routine and try some new things. For this year the beauty trends include purple eyeshadow and Trompe-l'œil but I doubt I will be trying anything new (purple isn't my colour!!). Keen to add a bit of fun anyhow I decided to revisit an old … [Read more...]

5 Reasons for Starting a Blog.

5 reasons for starting a blog fashion blog beauty blog

When I started my blog Beckydazzler back in 2009 I was a newcomer on a pretty sparse scene here in Ireland. Blogging was something that was still seen as unusual and different and connecting with brands and other bloggers was pretty much a given. Now that the blogosphere is so crowded I get the … [Read more...]